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At Taylor Wealth Management Group we feel that giving back is not only is the right thing to do but our responsibility as wealth management professionals.  Below are just a couple of organizations that we have been involved with over the years.  I am proud to see these organization grow and continue making such a huge impact.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about each of these organizations. 

                            "A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world"

                                                      Muhammed (570-632 CE)

Our Mission

Behailu Academy empowers youth to find and use their voices through the arts, academic support, and community service.

Our Stories

Sharing our experiences

Our Programs

Empowering youth

Our People

Bringing diverse skills

Our Impact

Making a difference

Our Programs

At Behailu Academy we offer a range of arts classes and academic support to students from some of our area's underserved schools. We offer our students a chance to find positive modes of expression in an environment that encourages creativity, academic achievement, and mutual support.


Our students choose from a number of arts classes during each of our three sessions throughout the year. Drawing, painting, theatre, photography, music, and martial arts are all part of our programming.


Our academic coordinator helps our students focus on what matters most. From grades to graduation requirements, and beyond, we're focused on helping our students do their best in school.

Life Skills

Living and working in community with others. Using good communication skills. Seeking creative solutions to life's challenging issues. We help our students learn to navigate, and to chart a healthy course through life.


Behailu Academy is in the process of developing programming to address the seemingly cavernous stretch between high school graduation, and all that lies ahead. In the coming months we will be unveiling our approach to giving our students the best chance for success in life.


Warrior Expeditions provides veterans with everything they need to complete a long distance outdoor expedition at no cost to the veteran.

First, Warrior Expeditions outfits veterans with some of the most highly rated equipment and clothing available from the outdoor retail industry. 

Next, Warrior Expeditions provides resupply items by issuing a monthly $300 stipend to purchase resupply items and by shipping biweekly resupply boxes during the journey.

Last, Warrior Expeditions coordinates community support in the forms of transportation, lodging, and food from veteran and community organizations located along the route.


Since 2013, Warrior Expeditions veterans have reported significant improvements in their physical, mental, and social well-being during and after their journeys.

During their 3-6 month outdoor expedition, veterans have the opportunity to decompress from their military service and come to terms with their wartime experiences.

Veterans participating in Warrior Expeditions programs experience their journey with the camaraderie of other veterans who understand the challenges of transitioning from military service to civilian life. 

Interaction with veteran and community organizations during their journey facilitates a veteran’s reintegration into society, restores their faith in humanity, and builds a network of life-long friendships and relationships.


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